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Reworking your Summer Wardrobe into Fall Fashion

As the approach of Fall nears, we still have warm days here in the Bluegrass but with a varying degree of change during the day.  In the mornings and evenings in September and early October, the temperatures begin to dip in the 70’s and even 60’s, but at midday it can still be very warm and humid.  This transitional time of year can cause some fashion dilemmas as you want to be comfortable throughout the day.

Also, this is a great time of the year to purchase Summer pieces as the discounts begin to really tempt us as retailers are making room for their Fall and Winter line.  Or like many of us, we’re just procrastinators and don’t want to break out our Fall clothes yet.  So how can you lengthen the time you wear your Summer clothes, still be comfortable and still look fabulous?

Here are some ideas to transition your Summer wardobe into Fall by accessorizing, layering and mix-and-matching pieces:

  1. Layer an oxford shirt or a boxy boyfriend cashmere sweater on top of a strapless stress.  Then add a thin belt to flatter and accessorize with ballet flats or shoe boats.
  2. If you have a favorite sleeveless floral silk blouse or frilly summer top, put it with a softly tailored skirt or pants suit. Add neutral leather heels, simple jewelry and you’re ready for the office or business networking event.
  3. Slip dresses and maxi dresses were the perfect staple during the lazy days of summer, so now you could pair it with a long side-slit cardigan or cashmere sweater vest.  Switch out your summer strappy sandals for ankle-strap shoes in a rich Autumn color.  For a more fitted look, add a belt around the sweater.
  4. white-dressHave a favorite sleeves blouse that you just can’t say goodbye to yet?  Layer underneath it with a long-sleeve tee in matching shade which will convert it into a year-round top.  Wear with jeans, suede skirt or fitted pants and you’re ready to go.
  5. Take those white* or light colored jeans, pair with a sporty or leather jacket (in a deeper hue than the jeans), and wear with leather flats or ankle boots.
  6. Don’t pack away your Summer floral dresses just yet. You can layer a turtleneck or long sleeved fitted shirt underneath in solid or a pattern. If mixing patters, keep both in the same color family.  Add motorcycle booths that can balance the sweetness of the dress.  If it’s a shorter tunic dress, match it with black or charcoal leggings and a matching fitted blazer.

*What about wearing white after Labor Day?  The idea beyond the “no white after Labor Day” rule first came into the American fashion scene at the turn of the 20th century, according to the Emily Post Institute.  The reason?  By the 1880s, it was difficult to tell the difference between old money, respectable families, and those who only had vulgar new money so the women who were already in felt it necessary to create dozens of fashion rules to distinguish between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.  Is it still an accepted rule in fashion?  Absolutely not. Wear what’s comfortable, as it’s now more about style and material, than it is about color.

Here are some great Summer-to-Fall outfit ideas from our inventory at Bella Rose.  Savannah, our store manager suggests:

“Throw a chunky knit vest over your favorite jeans and any solid top and you have perfect transition to Fall weather. We threw a turtleneck sweater over a summer dress for a Fall look without the hot long sleeves. Then we threw a sweater over a little black dress for a perfect night out.  Lastly we threw a plain white Oxford under a sleeveless dress for a way to wear a summer dress in cooler weather.”

Visit Bella Rose so you don’t miss out the remaining Summer Sale items and check out the new pieces from the Fall line that are arriving daily. Our friendly and welcoming staff are there to help you match up your tastes and occasion with the perfect outfit as well as fashion advice.  Stop in and get to know the new staff at Bella Rose.

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