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Reboot your Wardrobe at Bella Rose

January is the time of reflection and looking back, but more importantly a time to start anew with resolutions to live better, declutter, destress and be healthier. So as you begin to clear out old habits and replace them with new ones, it would also be a good time to organize and declutter your closet.  It’s recommended to go through your wardrobe once or twice per year to remove any items you haven’t worn in a year.  Where do you start?

In four easy steps, you can make getting dressed in the morning a pleasure, rather than a daunting chore. (1) Cleanse your closet, (2) edit your pieces, (3) style your wardrobe, and (4) donate what you no longer need.

Cleanse by taking all pieces out and separate your clothes into three piles. The first pile is  of items you love and make you feel and look great.  The second pile is for items that you haven’t worn in awhile or don’t feel confident in whether because of fit, color, style or color. The rest of the items, the ones you’ve either forgotten about or not sure how to wear them, put in a third pile.

Edit your pieces from the three piles, for the first pile of items you love, organize them according to color and category (pants, tops, sweaters, blazers, skirts, etc) in your closet, so selecting your outfit is much easier.

Style your wardrobe by going through the items in the third pile and inspecting each one. Try them one, mix and match with different pants, tops or accessories to see what works.  When you find an outfit you love, take a picture of it, so you can catalog your favorite outfits. If you’re still indifferent, its time to throw it in the discard pile.

Donate items from the discard pile.  You can donate your discarded clothes to several worthy organizations that help women and families in need:

  • Salvation Army [website]
  • Dress for Success Lexington [website]
  • The Nest Center for Women & Children [website]
  • The Hope Center Lexington [website]

Once your closet is decluttered, styled and organized, it’s a good time to choose a few new pieces since your wardrobe inventory is fresh on your mind.  Remember an ideal closet is more about quality than quantity. It’s recommended to buy higher quality, timeless and classic pieces over overly trendy items that may be cheaper but offer limited options.

Want to update your wardrobe on a January budget?

saleBella Rose is here to help you refresh your wardrobe this new year.  Our New Year sale has begun (as of Monday, January 11th) with great sales on designer dresses, tops, pants, skirts and accessories. We are offering 30-70% off on many of our items.  Our New Year sale runs through January 28th.

Bella Rose’s staff is anxious to help you find that perfect outfit for your resort vacation, your special event or for those just looking for a few pieces to freshen up their wardrobe.  We provide a comfortable, casual atmosphere for our customers to relax, unwind, shop and become part of the Bella Rose family.

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