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Men’s Exclusive Shopping Day on December 17th

Although the holiday season can be a beautiful time of the year and there’s no greater joy in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, shopping can be stressful and downright daunting for most men.  Do you need help holiday shopping for the women in your life … your mother, sister, aunts, secret Santa at the office and most importantly for your wife or girlfriend?  Let the friendly, helpful staff at Bella Rose help you choose the perfect outfit, jewelry and/or accessory at our Men’s Shopping Day on Thursday, December 17, 2015 from 10am to 7pm.

Many men feel intimidated shopping at a woman’s clothing boutique as they feel overwhelmed or completely out of their element.  So we’ve set aside the day just for the men so they can feel comfortable, get the personal attention they need, and our staff will be on hand to answer any of their questions.  So take the stress and anxiety out of Christmas shopping and make her holiday dreams come true on Christmas morning.

We’ll having bourbon and appetizers especially for our male Santas, and our brave men shoppers will get 10% off that day on their purchases.

Here’s some tips when shopping for clothing for the woman in your life:

  • Price is usually a good way to begin your search for that perfect clothing or accessory, so let the staff know your budget.
  • Get to know her style, bring pictures of her in her favorite outfit with you to the store, to help us determine what she may like as a gift.
  • Size matters! The most common question is What size is she? The guessing game is fun, but a little strategic planning is a good idea. Do some detective work. Sneak a peek inside her closet! Find the type of item you are looking to buy, or something similar, and locate the size. Check out few tags, because size can vary from brand to brand. Ask her close friend or ask her.
  • To make your shopping spree completely stress-free, have her fill out the Bella Rose Holiday Wish List Card prior to your shopping spree!




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