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Building a Wardrobe You Love

Make this your best year ever with a little wardrobe redo! In this post we’ll discuss how you can update your existing wardrobe or build a new one that you love. We’ll show you how to make better purchases and find classic pieces you will use for years to come. Look and feel like your best self in 2019 with a few simple helpful tips!

Closet Clean-out

If a piece of clothing doesn’t make you feel comfortable or attractive it has no place being in your life. Once you go thru your existing wardrobe and eliminate the pieces you don’t like, want or need you can easily identify what it now lacks and what specific pieces you need to shop for to complete your new wardrobe.

How do you choose what to toss? Any item that you’ve not worn in a year should be put in the toss pile, no questions asked, anything you’ve not worn in the past 6 months you should give serious consideration as to how essential it is to your closet. Another rule….if it doesn’t fit, is extremely dated, showing signs of wear, isn’t super flattering or doesn’t bring you joy…..get rid of it!

Make A Plan.

Now that you’ve eliminated what you don’t need, it’s time to find out what your existing wardrobe lacks make a plan to find pieces that will work hard in your everyday life and meet your needs in a practical way.

Here are a few basics that every woman should have in her closet and you can tailor this to your career needs and personal lifestyle.

A classic pair of jeans

White blouse

dress pants


pullover sweater

little black dress

work to play dress

statement piece jewelry

Time To Shop!

Now that you’ve got your list and know what you need to get it’s time to shop. What are some guidelines to follow to help you select great pieces that you won’t find yourself replacing shortly after their purchase?

Shop for quality pieces. When you take the time to find good fitting items made from quality fabric with great tailoring and quality craftmanship you will end up with pieces that instantly elevate your wardrobe.You will also find that even if you spend a little more initially the investment is well worth it. You get more wear and longevity out of quality designer pieces. Some pieces can even be passed from generation to generation and become treasured vintage family heirlooms.

Pay attention to fit. If there is anything you don’t LOVE about an item, find another that truly flatters you and makes you feel amazing. If it’s a simple issue like the length of a skirt or pant, don’t immediately discount it. Consider having these items tailored. Tailoring is an affordable and simple solution to creating an item that looks like it was custom designed just for you.

Where to Shop

Why shop with us for all your wardrobe needs?

With over 38 year of experience, at Bella Rose, we pride ourselves on being able to dress any woman, of any age, for any event and make her feel beautiful.

Since 1980, Bella Rose has been offering customers a personal shopping experience with knowledgeable sales associates, a family-like feel, and friendly faces. At Bella Rose, we want your shopping experience to be just that, an experience. Season after season, we’ve been your go-to stylists for everyday life and also for those “extraordinary moments” in life. Style is our passion, our life, not our hobby.

We carry a large variety of styles from today’s top designers. You’ll find classic business wear, casual styles all the way to gowns for the most formal events from designers like MILLY, Shoshanna, TeriJon, Jay Godfrey, Badgley Mischka, Amanda Uprichard, Abbey Glass and many more.

Come and experience for yourself the difference of shopping with a locally owned boutique from stylists who have a lifetime of knowledge and a passion for making you look and feel your personal best. Let us help you rework your wardrobe with Big City Fashions and Small Town Charm at Bella Rose.

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