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Bella Rose’s Holiday Wishlist

wish-listCome in to our women’s clothing boutique in Downtown Lexington KY to start your Christmas wish list.  Take the confusion, frustration and guesswork out of the holiday for your loved ones and friends!  Come in and fill out one of our Wish List Cards after you’ve chosen one, two or three items you’d love to receive on Christmas morning by your secret Santa!  Then one of our friendly staff will call your secret Santa, after we’ve put your items aside  and tell them how they can make your holiday even more special with your selections.    So easy and convenient!

Why are Wishlists Practical and Prevent Waste?

We’ve all been the recipient of a sweater that would look better on a dog, when we really wanted a designer dress or outfit from Bella Rose! And if you’re in the giving position, wish lists could be a lifesaver if you don’t know the person that well.

Which brings us to another point: gift giving is a lovely and meaningful practice, but in practicality it can also be hugely wasteful. Think of all the gifts exchanged every year that end up going to waste (unused, tossed, donated, regifted) because the recipient doesn’t like or use them. All that money could have gone toward things that would be truly useful and appreciated.

Our wish list cards will be available until December 23, 2015.  Let our friendly, experienced and fashion intuitive staff help you choose the perfect dress or outfit for you.


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